1. NEXCOM HiServers have VIA C3 inside
  2. Tech Extreme interviews Sun Microsystems
  3. Dalantech installs software in Linux/BSD
    and posts new Unix section
  4. Electic Tech reports that ATI buys Appian Graphics' HydraVision
    and Dell's new Tualatin notebooks
  5. TransmetaZone on the marketing of megahertz
  6. LinuxLookup's TOTW: bash variable substitution
  7. The Tech Zone on the top ten computer games of all time

  1. accelenation, AnandTech, FlipChip, HotHardware, Tweak3D, and VIAHardware
    review Pentium III 1.2GHz Tualatin
  2. Overclocker Cafe on overclocking the AYHJAR stepping Athlon
  3. accelenation and t-break review Elitegroup ECS K7S5A SiS 735
  4. PCHardware reviews Abit KG7-RAID
  5. FlipChip reviews Intel D815EEA2
  6. Hard Tecs 4U has Intel INF driver version 3.00.029
Multimedia and cooling

  1. Tom's Hardware on video editing with the Matrox RT2500
  2. Tech Extreme reviews ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder
  3. CoreSpeed3D reviews Antec Easy USB (TR's review is here)
  4. Jsi Hardware reviews HighSpeed PC's AGP Airlift
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