Anniversary-edition Pentium specs leak out

Along with Devil's Canyon, Intel is also cooking up an unlocked, anniversary-edition Pentium processor aimed at more budget-minded overclockers. The company teased the chip at GDC in March, and now, the online rumor machine has dug up some specs for it.

According to VR-Zone Chinese, the anniversary-edition chip will be known as the Pentium G3258. It will have two cores, two threads, a 3.2GHz base speed, an unknown Turbo Boost speed, 3MB of cache, and a 53W thermal envelope.

The specs pretty much mirror those of the existing Pentium G3420—with the exception of the unlocked upper multiplier and Turbo Boost, which will apparently be enabled on the G3258. The Pentium G3420 retails for $75 at Newegg, so you can probably expect the anniversary edition to cost a little more than that.

According to VR-Zone Chinese, we'll find out for sure early next month. That's when the site says Intel will unleash both Devil's Canyon and the new Pentium.

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