Release roundup: Desk cases and jumbo hard drives

Computex is fast approaching, but some companies are jumping the gun already with their new releases. This week, our inbox has collected announcements from Biostar, Fractal Design, Lian Li, and Toshiba:

  • "Biostar's A88MQ, a Micro ATX board that includes the "6+ Experience" features." Yep, this is a microATX motherboard based on AMD's A88X chipset. There's not much else to say about the A88MQ, except that it has a trendy black-and-yellow color scheme and the usual assortment of SATA, USB 3.0, and PCIe slots (plus an old-school PCI slot, too, for your antique expansion cards). Oh yeah, and this board also features the "6+ Experience," a trademark for Biostar's various durability, performance-enhancing, and hardware monitoring features. You can find out all about those in the press release.

  • "Launching new Core cases!" There are four different models in Fractal Design's new Core lineup: the 3500, a wide-body model; the 3500W, a windowed version of the former; the 2500, a more compact mid-tower design; and the 1500, the smallest of the bunch, which is tailored for the microATX form factor. Prices range from $60 to about $90, so these are pretty affordable. That said, even the Core 1500 has room for two 240-mm liquid-cooling radiators, up to seven fans, and four hard drives inside removable, vibration-dampening trays. Not bad for 60 bucks.

  • "Lian Li releases DK-01X and DK-02X desk chassis." So, these are case-desks. Or desk-cases, depending on how you wanna look at 'em. The DK-01X has room for a single motherboard (up to HPTX format), while the DK-02X can accommodate one HPTX mobo and one Mini-ITX board. Lian Li says the larger motherboard can power a "workhorse system," while the Mini-ITX machine can be used for gaming. Interesting. Check out the video below for a closer look at these bizarre contraptions:

  • "Toshiba announces 5TB, 7,200 RPM enterprise HDD." We all like jumbo enterprise hard drives, right? Toshiba's latest one crams five 1TB platters spinning at 7,200-RPM inside of a 3.5" casing. It has a maximum sustained speed of 170MB/s, a "rated annual workload" of 180TB per year, and, if I'm reading this document right, a five-year warranty. The MC series to which this drive belongs also includes 4TB, 3TB, and 2TB offerings with slightly lower speed ratings of 140-150MB/s.

Those Lian Li things really don't look half bad, but I think I'll stick with my wooden Ikea desk. Having to rest your arms on a chilly metal surface every morning probably isn't so great.

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