Watch Dogs tweaks, Eyefinity enhancements coming in Catalyst 14.6 drivers

Nvidia isn't the only one with new graphics drivers primed for Watch Dogs. AMD's upcoming Catalyst 14.6 beta drivers have performance enhancements and a new CrossFire profile for the game. Those drivers also contain optimizations for Murdered: Soul Suspect, which is due next week, but there's much more to the release than game-specific tweaks. The Catalyst 14.6 drivers include a major Eyefinity update in addition to a few other perks.

The latest Eyefinity implementation adds support for muilti-screen configurations with monitors of different sizes, aspect ratios, and display resolutions. Mismatched monitors are accommodated by a couple of new display modes.

"Fit" mode creates a virtual display with the "best available rectangular area" that can be stretched across the screens. This option can leave a portion of the higher-resolution displays unused, but it doesn't hide anything from the user. "Expand" mode creates a virtual display sized to fit the highest-resolution monitor. All the pixels are utilized on each monitor, but portions of the virtual display aren't visible on the lower-res screens. A new alignment function allows mismatched monitors to be lined up along the top edge, the bottom edge, or an imaginary line running through the center of the screens.

Eyefinity also includes the "fill" mode familiar from previous implementations. Also known as legacy mode, this setup is meant for identical monitors, so it's not ideal for mismatched screens.

As for other enhancements, the Catalyst 14.6 beta drivers incorporate expanded color management controls, Mantle support for mobile systems that employ AMD's Enduro tech, and hardware JPEG acceleration for desktop Kabini APUs. There's an updated Linux driver with installer improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes, too.

The Catalyst 14.6 driver isn't out yet, but it should be available here before long. We'll update this post when the download link goes live.

Update: The Catalyst 14.6 driver has been released. You can grab the Windows installer here and the Linux one here.

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