Release roundup: Low-end GeForces and budget SSDs

Taiwanese hardware firms are probably saving their new hotness for Computex next week. Still, Corsair and Zotac provided fodder for this week's release roundup with a couple of low-end launches:

  • "Zotac announces GeForce GT 740 series." Nvidia hasn't formally announced the GT 740, but the card quietly appeared on the company's website earlier this week—and some of Nvidia's partners, like Zotac, have introduced cards. The GT 740 is based on the GK107 GPU, just like the old GeForce GT 640, but it's clocked a little faster, at 993MHz. Also, it's available with either GDDR5 or DDR3 memory. Zotac's take on the GT 740 matches the reference specs but spices things up with a chunkier cooler and a translucent orange fan. (Ooh!) Various memory configurations will be available. For what it's worth, GT 740 cards from other vendors are already listed online at prices ranging from $89.99 to $119.99.

  • "Corsair brings blazing performance to the masses with budget-friendly Force Series LX SSDs." These new SSDs from Corsair definitely are budget friendly. The 256GB Force Series LX has a $129.99 price tag, and the 128GB model will set you back only $74.99. According to Corsair, both drives are powered by a Silicon Motion controller, and their peak read and write speeds are 560MB/s and 300MB/s, respectively. Force Series LX drives come in 2.5", 7-mm-thick enclosures and feature three years of warranty coverage.

300MB/s for writes is a fair bit less than what the fastest SSDs can do, but you're still looking at a nice speed boost over mechanical storage—especially when you take the quicker access times into account. Considering the price, that's not a bad proposition.

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