Corsair kicks off Computex with three new cases

As part of a raft of new product introductions at Computex 2014, Corsair is showing off three new cases in three different form factors: the Carbide Series Air 240, Graphite Series 780T, and Graphite Series 380T. Let's examine each one in detail.

The Carbide Series Air 240 is a bite-sized take on Corsair's existing Air 540 that's designed to accept microATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. Like its bigger brother, the Air 240 is based on a dual-chamber thermal design. That design places the PSU and storage bays in a separate chamber to minimize interference with airflow to the most thermally sensitive components. Corsair claims that, despite its smaller footprint, the case still has room for oversized GPUs and multiple 240-mm radiators for liquid-cooling setups. When the Air 240 ships in August, it'll be offered in both black and white exterior finishes with a windowed side panel, and it will list at $89.99-$99.99.

The Graphite Series 780T is an unapologetic full tower that scales up the rounded design language of the company's current Graphite Series 600T. If your next build calls for a truckload of components, worry not: the 780T has room for up to nine expansion cards, nine hard drives, and two 360-mm liquid-cooling radiators. There's also a built-in three-speed fan controller for the three included 140-mm fans. Like the Air 240, the 780T will come in black and white with a windowed side panel. Asking price: $179.99-$189.99 when the 780T ships in September.

The Graphite Series 380T caters to the Mini-ITX builders. The case has an integrated handle, mesh and windowed side panels, and 140-mm front and 120-mm rear fans to ensure ample airflow. There's a surprising amount of space inside. Corsair includes four hybrid 3.5"/2.5" bays, mounts for three more fans (or a 240-mm radiator), and room for a full-length graphics card. The 380T includes a three-speed fan controller, will be available with black and white finishes, and will ship in August with a $129.99 price tag.

Cyril bestowed the TR Editor's Choice award on the 780T's little brother, the Graphite Series 600T, so I would expect the 780T to perform well. The 380T is intriguing, too—enough so that I might even want to go Mini-ITX for my next PC build.

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