Psychedelic LEDs to hit Corsair keyboards, mice this summer

Those multicolored Cherry MX RGB switches we saw at CES are finally coming in some real products. This summer, Corsair will introduce them aboard RGB-branded versions of its Vengeance Series K70 and K95 keyboards.

Top: the K70 RGB. Bottom: the K95 RGB, which boasts a block of dedicated macro keys.

On both keyboards, the Cherry MX RGB switches will allow for a choice of 16.8 million backlighting colors, not to mention psychedelic animations. The K70 RGB will arrive in late July with a $169.99 asking price, which will work out to a rather steep $40-50 premium over the current model. The K95 RGB will follow in late August with a $189.99 price tag, also up $40 from the existing, single-color version. Disco lighting don't come cheap, folks.

Corsair is also prepping the M65 RGB, a version of its eight-button, 8,200-DPI gaming mouse with a similarly extensive choice of backlighting colors. I'm guessing this rodent's funky hues will come not from Cherry MX switches, but from strategically placed LEDs. Either way, Corsair says you'll be able to grab the M65 RGB in late August for $69.99—a more reasonable $10 premium over the regular M65.

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