K-Bench steals TR content

It would seem that word of our gorgeous graphs has spread. K-Bench, obviously in awe of Damage's mad Excel skills, have gone and ripped off his Tualatin Sphinx speech recognition graph. You can check out a screenshot of the offending page here.

We don't take kindly to people messing with our graphs, especially when they link them right off our server, so we've gone and let K-Bench readers know just what's going on. Check out the infringing page on K-Bench here. Scrolling to the bottom, you can see why it doesn't pay to mess with TR. In case K-Bench pulls our little modification, you can check it out in its full glory here.

While the offending page is still up, you'll notice that K-Bench has also ripped off Anand, HotHardware, and Tweak3D. This audacious, blatant, and ultimately stupid move on K-Bench's part is something that shouldn't be tolerated. Personally, though, I think our graph looks the best.

Update: Some of our more linguistically proficient readers have pointed out that the infringing page on K-Bench is a portion of the site that's updated by K-Bench readers rather than staff. Ripoff of our content, by anyone, isn't tolerated. In this case, though, K-Bench seems to be less at fault. Still, Jr. Damage will stay.

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