This Corsair bracket lets you liquid-cool your GPU

Corsair doesn't just have new cases and disco peripherals on display at Computex this year. The company has also chosen the venue to unveil the Hydro Series HG10, a bracket that allows graphics cards to be cooled using the company's Hydro Series closed-loop liquid CPU coolers.

The first edition of the HG10 is coming this month. It will cost $39.99 and will support reference Radeon R9 290 and 290X graphics cards from AMD. Another model tailored for Nvidia's GeForce GTX 770, 780, 780 TI, and Titan cards will follow next quarter.

According to Corsair, the HG10 can lower GPU temperatures by up to 50°C, and it can also reduce temperatures across the memory and voltage-regulation circuitry by up to 25°C. Installation can be carried out with "only an ordinary screwdriver." Apparently, users will be asked to transplant their stock cooler's fan onto the HG10 bracket. In its new role, the fan will cool the card's memory and VRMs, and it will also ensure the GPU's fan-control circuitry doesn't go haywire.

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