1. eWeek reports on a major theft of credit data
    and has the latest on the Code Red worm
    (more at Ace's Hardware—thanks rand)
  2. Ars Technica on Final Fantasy: the technology within (interview)
  3. Electic Tech has Windows Messenger 4.0 beta build 152
    and Sony and Yahoo team up story
  4. EverythingUSB on hp's five new scanners
  5. 3DSpotlight continues Duron 900MHz and GF2 MX giveaways
  6. Futurelooks visits Boom 2001 car show

  1. GamePC reviews Pentium III-A 1.2GHz
  2. Digit Life reviews DFI AK76-SN
  3. does memory roundup
  4. Fried Athlon 1.1GHz (thanks ---k)
  5. SourceMagazine on the battle for mobile supremacy: part I
Multimedia and cooling

  1. Pro Cooling has the "world's fastest Kyro II mod"
  2. SystemLogic reviews Coolgreen Fold-2000 keyboard
  3. AcidHardware reviews AKG K 1000 headphones
  4. GideonTech reviews UMaxPC machine rounded cables
  5. Digit Life's GSM communicator Nokia 9210 part II
  6. Neoseeker reviews Altec Lansing ATP 5 speakers
  7. OnePC reviews Samsung Baby Yepp MP3 player
  8. I am not a geek reviews Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD player
  9. BiT-Tech reviews Tekheads anodised fan grilles
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