Gigabyte sets DDR3 speed record with limited-edition board

Gigabyte has introduced yet another motherboard aimed at hardcore overclockers with sub-zero cooling setups. The limited-edition Z97X-SOC Force LN2 was unveiled at Computex today, and it's a little unusual. See if you can spot the defining features—or lack thereof:

The LN2 board has only two memory slots, a configuration designed to enable higher memory speeds. The DIMM slots are a little closer to the CPU socket than on typical Haswell boards, and Gigabyte has removed the cooler mounting holes "for faster memory communication." Getting rid of the holes probably allows for shorter, more direct traces between the memory and CPU.

With a two-DIMM limit and no support for conventional coolers, the Force LN2 may have limited appeal even in competitive overclockering circles. Still, the board seems to have served its purpose. HiCookie, Gigabyte's in-house overclocking wizard, set a new memory speed record of 4.5GHz during a live demo at the official launch event. That speed was achieved with a Core i7-4770K CPU and Kingston HyperX Predator memory.

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