''Smart mouse,'' new keyboards join Thermaltake eSports lineup

Also present at Computex is Thermaltake, which has added some new gaming peripherals to its Tt eSports lineup.

One of the stars of the show is the Theron Plus, a "smart mouse" that, believe it or not, can interface with a mobile app via Bluetooth. The phone app tracks clicks, travel distance, and "lift offs over time," Thermaltake says, and users can share those statistics via the Tt eSports website. I don't know how many of Thermaltake's customers have been clamoring for this kind of functionality, but then again, I never did totally get the e-sports scene.

The Theron Plus features an 8,200-DPI sensor, and according to Thermaltake, it's otherwise identical to the regular Theron. That mouse has on-the-fly DPI adjustments, removable weights, and all that good stuff. Sadly, signed headshots of Charlize Theron are not included.

Themaltake has also rolled out four new keyboards: two rubber-dome Challenger offerings and two mechanical models belonging to the Poseidon series. The Poseidon keyboards have a choice of blue and brown "Tt eSPORTS certified" mechanical switches. I assume those are either Cherry MX switches or Cherry MX clones like the ones Razer introduced recently.

The Poseidon ZX is a tenkeyless design without a numpad, while the Poseidon Z Forged features "sleek brushed aluminum styling," a set of 10 special macro keys, support for up to five profiles, and an Instant Switch System that apparently lets users "access all 50 programmable macros without switching profiles." The image above also shows the Poseidon Z, but that one has been out for a little while already. Newegg has it on sale right now for $79.99, as a matter of fact.

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