Roccat gaming mouse adds knuckle rocker, thumb paddle

Gaming mice are everywhere these days. Most rely on conventional buttons, but Roccat's new Tyon adds a couple of novel twists. The first is the Dorsal Fin, a rocker switch that pokes out the top of the mouse. This switch effectively serves as two buttons for your knuckles, providing what Roccat describes as "comfortable mid-finger gaming action." Ahem.

The other unique element is the X-Celerator thumb paddle, which sticks out like a flipper and behaves like a single-axis analog stick. Roccat suggests this feature is suitable for controls like tilt and throttle. The paddle sounds perfect for leaning around corners and slowly opening doors, and it may prove useful for horizontal scrolling in desktop applications like Excel.

In addition its non-traditional inputs, the Tyon has loads of more conventional buttons. They're programmable, of course, and one acts like a shift key to access secondary functions. In all, 31 functions can be spread between the 16 buttons. Macros and user settings are stored in the mouse's onboard memory.

Programmable lighting is also on the menu. The integrated LEDs offer 16.8 million color choices, and the hues for the mouse wheel and base can be set independently. On the outside, users can choose between black and white bodies. Both versions are equipped with the same 8,200-DPI laser sensor.

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