Adata's next-gen SandForce SSDs break cover at Computex

SSDs based on SandForce's next-gen SF-3700-series controllers are expected in the second half of this year. Several of them are on display at Computex, including a handful from Adata. The smallest of the bunch is the M.2 version of the SR1020—except it's not very small at all. Despite the form factor, this thing packs up to 2TB of storage.

SandForce's SF-3739 controller anchors the drive, providing a four-lane PCIe 2.0 interface with 2GB/s of peak bandwidth. Adata claims the SR1020 can hit sequential speeds up to 1800MB/s and random I/O rates as high as 150k IOps, though there's no mention of whether those figures apply to reads or writes.

The SR1020 supports both AHCI and NVM Express protocols. It's targeted at servers, and the M.2 version isn't the only one. Adata also has a 2.5" variant with an SFF-8639 connector. This drive has the same controller, the same performance ratings, and the same PCIe interface. It's also available in capacities up to 2TB.

On the consumer front, the XPG SX930 puts 2TB behind a 6Gbps Serial ATA interface. This drive also uses a SandForce controller, but there's no word on the specific model number. Given the capacity, I'd expect something from the SF-3700 family.

The SX930 is bound by the SATA interface, so its sequential performance tops out at only 555MB/s for both reads and writes. Those straight-line speeds are competitive for a SATA drive, and the claimed random write throughput of 100k IOps isn't too shabby. We'll have to get some of these SF-3700 SSDs in-house to see what they can do in the real world.

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