Capacitive keyboard, refreshed Nepton coolers coming from Cooler Master in July

Cooler Master has announced a July release window for its "ultra-high-end" Novatouch TKL keyboard, which has capacitive switches similar to those used by Topre. In the same time frame, the company will also introduce a refreshed lineup of Nepton liquid coolers with quieter pumps and precision-manufactured thermal blocks.

Cooler Master previewed the Novatouch TKL back in January. The keyboard is the first non-Topre product I've seen with electrostatic capacitive key switches. Cyril took this switch design for a spin with Topre's Type Heaven keyboard a while back, and he found them to have many of the advantages of traditional mechanical switches while being smoother and quieter to type on. Be aware that Cooler Master doesn't mention Topre by name in its announcement, so it may be using a derivative switch with potentially different performance. If you have a set of custom key caps for your Cherry MX keyboard, they'll fit the Novatouch TKL, as well, since its switches use the same stem design.

Cooler Master hasn't yet announced exact pricing for the Novatouch TKL, but it claimed to be aiming for a price under $200 back in January.

The updated Nepton closed-loop liquid coolers will be available with 120-mm, 140-mm, 240-mm, and 280-mm radiator sizes. Cooler Master has swapped out the current pump design for a new, low-vibration, low-noise version that claims to move 120 liters per hour with a noise level of only 11 dBA. The Nepton line also uses a Cooler Master-designed thermal block with a large internal surface area. The company claims that the manufacturing process for this block minimizes internal imperfections, which should result in improved coolant flow. The block is also designed with Cooler Master's "jet impingement technology," which distributes coolant evenly throughout the block and minimizes hot spots. The new Nepton coolers will ship with the new Cooler Master Silencio fan, which promises high air pressure while producing only 11 dBA of noise.

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