Dual batteries yield 14-hour run time for 12.5'' HP convertible

PC makers appear to be embracing the convertible tablet form factor with gusto at Computex 2014, and HP is no exception. Today, the company announced a pair of business-focused two-in-ones: the Pro x2 612 and Pro x2 410.

The Pro x2 612 is the beefier of the two, with a 12.5" full-HD display, Haswell processor, provisions for LTE connectivity, and a bundle of security and management features for business clients. The most interesting feature is the optional "Power Keyboard," which conceals an additional battery pack for a claimed 14 hours of total run time. The Power Keyboard adds extra connectivity, as well: VGA, Ethernet, DisplayPort, and a couple of USB 3.0 ports.

HP also offers a "soft" keyboard cover that sounds similar to the one offered with the Microsoft Surface. If you're inclined to sketch on your tablet, a Wacom stylus is available, as well, and the x2 612 has a dedicated storage area for it.

The Pro x2 410 is also equipped with Haswell processors and dual batteries, but it has a 11.6" 1366x768 display, and it hews closer to the company's consumer line. Features like onboard Beats Audio and dual webcams get top billing, and the system eschews the more robust management and security features of its bigger brother. HP claims that the 410 will run silently thanks to an entirely fanless design.

According to HP's press release, the Pro x2 612 will be released in September. The Pro x2 410 is available today from the company's online store, starting at $849.

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