Rosewill unveils a psychedelic keyboard of its own

While Corsair puts the finishing touches on its RGB-series keyboards, Rosewill has introduced a keyboard with a similar killer feature: adjustable backlighting with a choice of 16.8-million colors. Rosewill's keyboard, known as the RGB80, is available today at Newegg for $99.99.

Now, Rosewill's RGB80 can't hit the 16.8-million-color mark quite yet. According to the video above, only 228 colors are available with the current software—though Rosewill plans to release an update that will unlock the full slate of hues. Also, this thing doesn't use the same Cherry MX RGB switches as the Corsair units. Rather, according to the video, the RGB80 is outfitted with Cherry MX clones manfuactured by Kailh. Those clones don't have the same fancy translucent housing as the Cherry MX RGBs, so backlighting presumably isn't uniform across the whole key cap.

Still, this looks like a fairly full-featured offering. In addition to the technicolor goodness, it's got programmable keys, 512KB of onboard memory for profile storage, n-key rollover support, and multimedia key shortcuts. This keyboard even ships with translucent caps for the QWEASD and arrow key blocks.

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