EVGA's SuperNOVA PSU pumps 1600W, guaranteed for 10 years

EVGA's new SuperNOVA 1600 G2 power supply is a monster. This thing has 1600W of total output power, which should be enough to fuel a small apartment, let alone a high-end rig with multiple graphics cards.

Almost all the power—1599.6W, to be exact—can be pushed through the PSU's single 12V rail. Loads of connectors branch off from that rail: dual auxiliary CPU power leads, nine eight-pin PCIe connectors, and five six-pin PCIe plugs. You get 16 SATA connectors on top of that, plus a handful of Molex and floppy plugs. All the cables are modular, including the main 24-pin line for the motherboard.

Inside, the SuperNOVA is lined with high-end capacitors from Japanese manufacturer Nippon Chemi-Con. It has 80 Plus Gold certification, which denotes an efficiency of 87-90% with 115V input. Cooling is provided by a "quiet and intelligent" 140-mm fan with dual ball bearings. The fan should spin down at idle, but I wonder just how quiet it is when the PSU is fully utilized. This thing surely generates loads of heat when pumping 1600W.

The SuperNOVA 1600 G2 will be available soon for $349.99. You didn't expect a 1600W PSU to be cheap, did you? At least EVGA offsets the sticker shock with an impressive 10-year warranty. I'm not sure I've ever seen a decade-long warranty for a PC component.

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