Code Red fizzles?

It would appear that the Code Red attack, which could have potentially flooded the Internet, has fizzled some. CNet is reporting that the incredible hype surrounding the worm probably did a lot towards having servers patched.
"They skated through, luckily," Conorich said of his customers. "But the danger was there. This was a very unusual one in that it only took the hackers a month from the time the vulnerability was discovered until they did something. Usually it takes six to seven months before a hacker comes out with an attack against a vulnerability, and that gives people some time."
Thankfully, sysadmins seem to be more on top of things than Joe Sixpack, who keeps asking me for advice on his resume. If worms continue to be released more quickly after exploits are found, though, we may not be so lucky with the next one.

Of course, I'm knocking on my desk right now, because we may not be out of the woods with Code Red yet.

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