Intel, Samsung aim to deliver 4K displays for $399

And here I was, thinking that $649 4K display Scott reviewed was pretty dang affordable. Apparently, Intel doesn't share that view—and it's teamed up with Samsung to drive prices even lower. Here's the scoop from CNet News:

Intel is specifically partnering with Samsung to increase delivery on high-quality, 23.6-inch PLS 4K panels, with a stated aim of such monitors hitting a US$399 (£239, AU$430) price point. For Intel based All-in-Ones, Intel believes we will also see 4K All-in-One prices starting from US$999 (£599, AU$1,080). . . . These PLS, or Plane to Line Switching, monitors are very high-quality, with 100 percent sRGB coverage and Technicolor certification.

It looks like Intel didn't share much else in the way of details. There's nothing definite in the CNet News story about when we can expect these uber-affordable 4K screens—or exactly what Intel's partnership with Samsung will entail. The site suspects Intel might be spurring Samsung on with "financial incentives," however.

Update 10:41AM: Looks like Intel covered this during its big Computex keynote. The keynote included this slide, which fills in some of the missing pieces:

$399 4K displays will appear in time for the holidays, apparently, and both TPV and ViewSonic will offer them. I guess Samsung itself won't be joining in the fun, though I expect the firm will be providing the panels for these monitors. (Thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the heads up.)

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