SilverStone previews massive Temjin TJ12 case

Are dual-socket motherboards, enormous CPU coolers, and multiple foot-long GPUs regular features of the PCs you build? If so, Silverstone has you in mind with its Temjin TJ12 case, which was shown at Computex this week.

The first thing that stands out about the TJ12 is its sheer size. At about 27" tall and 18" wide, "desktop" is a complete misnomer for this case.

The imposing exterior is clad in black anodized aluminum. Inside, there's a cavernous dual-chamber design, with provisions for up to nine 120-mm liquid cooling radiators. Four of the company's "Air Penetrator" AP182 180-mm fans are standard, and they draw up to 680 CFM of airlow through the bottom of the case. Each fan will be producing 42 dBA at full speed, though, so keep some earplugs handy. SilverStone oriented the motherboard tray so that the port block and expansion slots emerge from the top of the case, similar to some of the company's past Raven designs. Space for storage is surprisingly limited, with just three 3.5" hot-swap bays on the top and four 2.5" bays behind the motherboard tray.

SilverStone specifies room for expansion cards up to 19" long, CPU coolers up to 6.5" tall, and ATX power supplies of "unlimited depth," so the list of what won't fit in this case is probably shorter than what will. The company's announcement didn't mention pricing or release information for the TJ12, but we'd assume that the price will be in line with the case's extreme dimensions. You can check out this story at TechPowerup for some shots of the case's internals.

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