Friday night topic: Do you even lift, bro?

Video of Barack Obama's workout routine leaked on the Internet this week. The U.S. President apparently ducked into a hotel gym in Poland to sneak in a quick workout. He lifted free weights and ran on an elliptical machine, and his form was a little off. But I've gotta give it to the guy for finding the time. If there's anything I've learned over the years, it's that regular exercise of just about any kind can go a long way toward improving energy levels, sleep habits, and overall health. Plus, you know, the gun show.

Now, I'm probably a bit of an anomaly on this front. I started doing triathlons and lifting weights in high school, and I've done a couple of marathons, Ironmans, and 24-hour mountain bike races since. I don't really race anymore, but I still "train" religiously, mostly with a mix of cycling, running, and old-school Russian kettlebell exercises. These workouts provide an opportunity to burn off frustration and clear my mind, and they're often the highlight of my day. They're also a good way to offset my more hedonistic eating and drinking habits.

What sort of exercise, if any, is part of your usual routine? Do you enjoy it, or is it something you do begrudgingly? Are any of you laughing at us from the couch? Discuss.

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