Shield Tablet page appears on Nvidia website

It's official! The Shield tablet is here!

Well, okay, not quite—but a "Shield tablet" product page has popped up on Nvidia's TegraZone website. The page is blank except for a QR code that, disappointingly, just points to the Shield section of Nvidia's online store. Its presence does lend weight to recent reports about just such a device, though.

According to those reports, the Shield Tablet may be a powered by Nvidia's Tegra K1 processor, and it may have the ability to stream PC games from a desktop machine, much like the current Shield handheld. The Shield Tablet might have an eight-inch, 2048x1536 display, too, if it's the same as that Nvidia "Mocha" prototype we heard about last month.

Maybe the skeleton product page means Nvidia will reveal the Shield Tablet soon—perhaps at E3 later this week. I guess only time will tell. (And thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the link.)

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