New SilverStone PSU is fanless, 80 Plus Platinum certified

We're still sifting through the huge pile of new product introductions from Computex 2014. Among the more interesting items we've found is a new fanless PSU from SilverStone, the Nightjar NJ520. What a PSU has to do with a family of crepuscular, insect-eating birds, we're not certain, but the NJ520 looks like a solid PSU nonetheless.

One of the positive side effects of increasing PSU efficiency is the reduction of waste heat. As an 80 Plus Platinum-certified PSU, the NJ520 is supposed to deliver 89-92% efficiency. Thanks in part to that high efficiency, the unit does away with fans altogether. The casing is mostly vents, with hexagonal mesh on almost every surface for maximum convection cooling.

All cabling on the NJ520 is modular, down to the 24-pin motherboard ATX connector—and the dual 6/8-pin PCI Express plugs. The PSU is built around a single 12V rail with 43A of maximum output, accounting for almost all of its 520W rating.

As is common in the world of PSUs, SilverStone doesn't appear to be manufacturing the NJ520 on its own. I've been browsing parts for a new system recently, and the NJ520 immediately reminded me of one of the units I've been looking at: SeaSonic's Platinum Fanless 520W. TechPowerUp took a look at the Platinum Fanless and found it worthy of an Editor's Choice award, so the NJ520 may be an equally good performer.

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