Here's nine minutes of gameplay from the new Call of Duty

We got our first glimpse of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the reveal trailer released last month. Now, an extended gameplay trailer is making the rounds at E3. The video shows nine minutes of nearly continuous footage from one section of the game, and there are plenty of sci-fi elements to spice up the action.

Let's see. We've got jet packs, exoskeletons, and swarms of enemy drones. And frickin' lasers, because you've gotta have lasers. Given the severed limb at the end of the video, I suspect Advanced Warfare also includes some sort of cybernetic arm. Call of Duty doesn't really do subtlety.

As for the gameplay, well, it looks like Call of Duty to me. The franchise is known for heavily scripted single-player sequences, and there's plenty of that on display in the trailer. The new weapons and equipment should spice things up a bit, at least. Advanced Warfare is coming to the PC and consoles on November 4.

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