Mirror's Edge trailer hints at Faith's new moves

We got our first glimpse of the Mirror's Edge prequel during last year's E3 convention, so it's only fitting that our second look comes from a trailer released during this year's show. Check it out:

When I wrote about the initial trailer, I hoped out loud that DICE would do a better job of integrating Faith's free running with combat. Those elements had an uneasy relationship in the original, but melding them seems to be a big focus for the prequel. According to gameplay lead Viljar Sommerbakk, "not only are we building a broad move set, we're also building combat with the move set in mind."

It sounds like the environments will be more open, too, with greater freedom for players to choose routes of varying difficulty. The stark, heavily stylized aesthetic of the first game remains, this time with a layer of next-gen polish.

The trailer is dominated by developer interviews, so there isn't a whole lot of gameplay footage. What little exists comes from a "conceptual prototype," which suggests the final game is far from complete. The video doesn't even mention an expected launch window. I'll wait as long as it takes, though. Mirror's Edge is one of my favorite games of all time, and the next iteration looks like it's shaping up nicely.

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