1. D-Link, Vital Stream, and Sierra present the second tournament
    in the Tribes 2 Summer Games 2001 series (win more great prizes)
  2. AARON: Raymond Kurzweil's fine arts screensaver
  3. BBC News reports that the US is considering a sub-orbital military space plane
    and examines world's nuclear arsenal (thanks rand)
  4. Electic Tech on WAP 2.0 and Wi-Fi standards
  5. Tech Extreme on Sun's new chip & layoffs,
    the Honeynet Project,
    the "Cosmology Machine,"
    and beta testing of Magic & Mayhem's sequel
  6. Overclockers Australia previews Windows XP
  7. the Duke of URL has Linux buyer's guide #12
  8. EverythingUSB on ATI XClaim TV USB and ADS USB Instant TV
  9. TacoNuts has two giveaway contests
  10. The Tech Zone covers Boom 2001 (car show)

  1. X-bit labs on ATI's A3 chipset (thanks Mark)
  2. OCAddiction gives away Athlon 1GHz
  3. Techhard reviews Pentium III 1.13GHz
  4. NewsForge reviews Athlon 1.4GHz
  5. SourceMagazine on the battle for mobile supremacy: part II
  6. accelenation reviews ECS K7VTA3
  7. Digit Life reviews Iwill KD266 and BD133 motherboards
  8. Electic Tech has 1008 BIOS for Asus CUEP2-M and CUSL2-M
  9. Futurelooks on this fall's console wars (Nintendo, Sony, and MS)

  1. X-bit labs reviews Abit Siluro T400 MX 64MB
  2. TweakMax reviews M-Audio Audiophile 2496
  3. Tech Extreme reviews Gyration wireless GyroMouse Pro
  4. Dan's Data reviews controllers: Logitech TrackMan Wheel & WingMan Action gamepad
  5. SystemLogic reviews Antec EasyUSB (TR's review is here)
  6. DreddNews reviews UmaxPC window mod kit

  1. Gaming in 3D reviews Crazy PC's non-conductive shim
  2. FrostyTech reviews Dynatron Model-L microfin heatsink
  3. The Cold Shop reviews Tt Dragon Orb 3
  4. GideonTech's Zalman heatsinks roundup
  5. Rojak Pot reviews Zalman CNPS 5000-Plus
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