Oculus VR reaffirms gaming focus

With Facebook buying Oculus for $2 billion and vowing to make VR the "next social and communications platform," one might be rightly worried about Oculus's gaming plans. In an interview with the guys at Polygon, Oculus Product VP Nate Mitchell addressed those fears and reaffirmed Oculus' gaming focus rather clearly. Here's what he said:

For us, we're all gamers, we're game developers, and if you look at our team, it's 90 percent industry veterans, so we have this big focus on games. . . . We want this to be the best platform for VR games. I think, longer-term, we're all excited about the potential of everything you can do with VR, whether it's film or education or training or communication. Over time, I think you'll see more of that, but it's all really about games, and Facebook is excited about that, too.

Mitchell also hinted that Oculus has been given considerable leeway in how it puts its newly augmented resources to use. More simply put, Polygon quotes Mitchell as saying Facebook has been "hands-off and hands-on 'in the best possible way.'"

Coupled with the growing number of gaming industry personalities joining the company, I'd say this news can only bode well for the future of VR gaming. Now all we need are some commercial products.

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