Intel's 3GIO to freeze out HyperTransport?

Despite the recent formation of the HyperTransport Consortium, PCI-SIG seems ready to approve Intel's 3GIO¬ócodenamed Arapahoe¬óas the new I/O standard of the future. This may be the clincher:
Bursting with bandwidth, though Intel and PCI-SIG executives declined to give details on Arapahoe, Tipley said the standard will offer speed, cost and longevity benefits over the current PCI while using the same control commands. That means today's PCI software won't have to be rewritten to support Arapahoe hardware.
It may turn out that Intel still has a few tricks up its sleeve, which can't be good news for AMD and HyperTransport. For more on how the two competing technologies stack up, check out HardwareCentral. Props to Brian for the news tip.
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