Slim bezels surround 24'' Eizo gaming monitor

Japanese display manufacturer Eizo has rolled out a new 24" monitor designed for gamers. The Fortis FS2434 doesn't support variable refresh rates or 4K display resolutions. However, it does have extremely thin bezels ideal for triple-screen setups. The border around the display is just 0.2" (6 mm) thick, which should create a more seamless picture on multi-screen configs.

Otherwise, the FS2434 is fairly conventional. It's built around an 1080p IPS panel with 16.8 million colors and 178° viewing angles. The display has just 0.05 frames of input lag, Eizo claims, along with a gray-to-gray response time of 4.9 ms. The backlight is supposed to be flicker-free, and users have the option of letting an ambient light sensor dictate the brightness.

Eizo equips the FS2434 with a couple of unique technologies. Smart Insight 2 selectively brightens darker areas of the screen to make enemies easier to spot. Then there's Smart Resolution, which "analyzes an image for noise and blurring and then corrects the blur without accentuating the noise." Smart Detection enables the aforementioned features automatically if it detects that a game or video is being played. These features can presumably be disabled if folks don't want the monitor messing with shadows or motion blur.

Settings can be tweaked via the on-screen display, an included remote, and Eizo's Windows software. There are loads of more conventional features, like an integrated USB 3.0 hub and VESA-compatible mounting bracket. The stock stand offers loads of adjustment options, too, and there's a handle on the back for easy transport.

A single one of these isn't terribly exciting, but with the right game, three of them side by side should be very nice—and require less graphics horsepower than a single 4K display. Eizo says the Fortis FS2434 will start shipping this month. There's no word on the price, though.

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