Noctua previews fuzzy fan tech, new heatpipes

Long popular with quiet-PC builders and enthusiasts, Noctua previewed some interesting new technologies at Computex 2014 last week. First up was a velvet-like flock coating that can be applied to fan blades or frames in order to reduce noise:

Here's Noctua's reasoning for making these fans fuzzy: 

The flock coating creates a turbulent boundary layer on the suction side of the fan blades (impeller coating) or inner side of the fan frame (frame coating), which results in better flow attachment and reduced flow separation. Initial test results show up to 2dB(A) lower noise levels in free flow and low impedance applications, but the technology is still in an experimental stage.  

Noctua also showed off a new heatpipe design, which it calls "cube base heatpipes." The company claims this design will allow it to "place more heatpipes directly above the heat source in perpendicular orientation without bending and with minimal heat-spreader bottlenecks." Have a look: 

This technology is still in the early prototype stage, and no products based on it are in the pipeline yet. 

Finally, some news about active noise cancelation (ANC). Noctua showed the first iteration of its ANC technology at Computex 2012, and the company promised that products based on it would ship in 2014. Though the technology continues to be intriguing, it looks like there's still some waiting to do. The company says the first cooler with ANC is undergoing extended long-term testing, and vvailability is now planned for the second or third quarter of 2015.

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