Friday night topic: your best tech purchases

We've recently explored the question of our worst tech purchases, and what a dreadful collection of stories were told. There is another side to the sadness, though. Sometimes, a good product hits the market, moves the needle substantially in ways that matter (like price, performance, and features), and prompts lots of folks to make purchases. In rare occasions, such watershed products end up having unusual longevity, since they've set a standard for the market that isn't really surpassed for years to come. If you're lucky and smart, sometimes you can buy one of these fortuitous products and enjoy it for years to come, with no need to upgrade.

Those, my friends, are the good tech purchases. Hopefully, we've all had one or two of 'em over time.

Several examples come to mind, such as the original Core 2 processors or, more recently, the Core i5/i7 Sandy Bridge CPUs. Heck, I'm not sure I'd pay to upgrade from a 2500K today. The original Radeon 9700 was a fine card for a long stretch of the DX9 era. Anyone who got into a G92-based card early, like the GeForce 8800GT, surely had a nice, long run of gaming competence before feeling the need for more. I think grabbing my Nexus 7 2013 last summer for $220 was a big win, too.

Those are a few of the candidates who bubble to the top immediately, in my view. What are the best tech purchases you've made? Discuss.

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