Mod enables dormant eye candy in Watch Dogs

When Watch Dogs came out last month, some were disappointed to discover that the game doesn't look quite as good as what was shown in earlier trailers. It's hardly uncommon for in-game visuals to fall short of trailer footage. This time, however, PC users can return Watch Dogs to its former glory. Enterprising coder TheWorst has released a mod that reanimates several effects and purportedly reduces stuttering, as well. The results speak for themselves:

Oooh. Pretty.

The mod's list of planned features is extensive, though it's unclear how many of them are available in the latest 0.7 release. Here's the full feature list:

  • Changes to the default fog values
  • Enabled bokeh DOF for the main cameras
  • Stuttering Improvements
  • E3 2012 Bloom
  • Performance Improvements
  • Enabled Headlight Shadows
  • LoD Changes
  • Reflection changes
  • Added 3 new cameras to the game(closer, normal, further)
  • Rain changes(High quality rain drops, properly reacting to light, etc)
  • LensFlares(WIP)
  • Lighting changes(TESTING AND WIP)
  • Civilians density changes

The results thus far are pretty impressive, at least the screenshots TheWorst provides. However, Rock, Paper, Shotgun notes that some of the eye candy is overdone. The extra visual flair can even make the game more difficult to play, the site says. Since the mod is still in an early state, it's possible the visuals could be dialed back in future releases.

Ubisoft made a big deal about the PC being the lead platform for Watch Dogs, so I'm a little surprised that some of the graphical effects were left on the cutting room floor. The firm hasn't commented on why the graphics were scaled back for the final release. Kudos to TheWorst for bringing the missing features back to life, though.

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