iPhone 6 rumors abound, facts scarce

We don't even have a solid release date or name for Apple's next iPhone yet, but that hasn't stopped the usual speculative frenzy about every last screw, port, and chamfer of the device. 

Is this the next iPhone? Source: ascii.jp.

AppleInsider is among the latest to get in on the the chumming, reposting a series of images of a device that they're calling a mockup of the new phone. A similar device has been seen recently in the hands of Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin.

While Lin claims that the phone in his picture is an actual iPhone 6, he doesn't show any shots of the device turned on or in use, as MacRumors points out in this post. Lin's selfies have also been analyzed in a piece by Quartz, which points out the similarities between his phone and a selection of dummy next-gen iPhones already available for purchase from various Chinese retailers. While the designs of these dummies might suggest the final form of the next iPhone, it's hard to confirm the authenticity of these alleged leaks.

Leaked product images left little to the imagination at the release event for the iPhone 5S and 5C. Contrast that with the number of surprises at Apple's recent WWDC keynote, and it seems that the company may be working harder to keep details of upcoming products a secret.

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