Three days remain in our Z97 mobo giveaway

Yep, our Biostar Z97 motherboard giveaway is still in full swing. In fact, we’re about three days from the June 19, noon CDT entry deadline, so there’s still plenty of time to sign up.

All you have to do is head to the announcement page, give the rules a nice, thorough read, and then fill out the form at the bottom with your details (which, as always, we will keep to ourselves).

The prizes are three Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE motherboards, each worth $125 and outfitted with dual PCIe x16 slots, M.2 SSD support, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and electrically isolated audio circuitry (hence the Hi-Fi moniker), among other features. We’ll be choosing three winners in a random draw and giving a board to each one of them, so your chances of winning are about three times better than usual—even if you throw your name in at the last minute.

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    • anotherengineer
    • 5 years ago

    Nothing to plug into it, so pass on this one.

    • Ryhadar
    • 5 years ago

    I could actually use this, so hoping I win. Sister in law is looking for a new gaming machine and this would knock off a good chunk of the money towards a new build.

    • RedKnight
    • 5 years ago

    Hey Cyril,
    the text above indicates entry deadline of June 20th, announcement page indicates June 19 entry deadline with winner announced on June 20th. Could you clarify which is the correct entry deadline?
    Thank you, hope all is well.

      • Cyril
      • 5 years ago

      Oops, my bad. The entry deadline is June 19, as noted in the original giveaway post.

    • Takeshi7
    • 5 years ago

    Pick me!

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