Asus Chairman predicts PC market rebound in late 2014

The current conventional wisdom is that PC sales will continue to decline as phones and tablets take over the jobs of entry-level PCs. As DigiTimes reports, though, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih doesn't see it that way.

Source: Asus

Speaking at Asus' annual shareholder meeting, Shih predicted that the pressure on PC sales from mobile devices will lessen, leading to a rebound in PC sales in the second half of this year. Paraphrasing Shih, DigiTimes says, "[C]onsumers buy tablets for entertainment and will buy PCs for work, generating substantial demand for PCs."

Although the basis for Shih's statement is vague, with the end of Windows XP support in April, it's possible that we'll see an ongoing migration of businesses and consumers toward modern systems running Windows 7 or 8.1. Asus is also the fifth-largest PC maker in the world by total shipments, so Shih's statements carry significant weight.

Shih's prediction comes on the heels of optimistic revenue projections from Intel and growth in HP's business PC division, so we might be seeing some relief from the gloom and doom of recent quarters. Whether it'll be enough to reverse the continuing decline in the PC market overall, however, remains to be seen.

At least gaming PCs aren't going away, regardless of the state of the broader consumer market. Jon Peddie Research predicting 6.5% annual growth for enthusiast hardware in 2014.

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