Mantle is coming to Linux, suggests AMD's Huddy

Less than two weeks after his return to AMD, Richard Huddy is making headlines again. Speaking to PC World, the newly minted AMD Gaming Scientist gave the strongest indication yet that Mantle, AMD's graphics API, will make its way to Linux.

Huddy told PC World that AMD is "getting requests to deliver this high-performance layer" to Linux. Paraphrasing him, the site notes that AMD plans to "over time . . . dedicate resources to the task." Mantle, Huddy believes, "could provide some advantages on Steam boxes," which will be Linux-based.

In March, at the Game Developers Conference, AMD also told us that it was discussing the prospect of Mantle on Linux with developers. At the time, however, the company would say nothing more. Huddy's latest statements make Mantle on Linux seem like a done deal, although we still don't know what time frame AMD has in mind for the port.

In the long run, one could argue that Mantle has more potential to thrive on Linux than on Windows. Microsoft's upcoming DirectX 12 API offers much of the same low-level goodness as Mantle. While AMD claims that Mantle can get even closer to the metal, developers may not find value in supporting both APIs in the Windows versions of their games.

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