Report: More refreshed Haswell chips due in Q3

If you thought Intel had finished refreshing its desktop Haswell lineup, think again. CPU-World has posted specifications for another wave of chips set to fill out the low end of the spectrum. The updated CPUs are reportedly due in the third quarter of this year, and like the first Haswell Refresh series, they deliver little more than a modest frequency boost over existing models. Here are the speeds and feeds:

Model Cores Threads Frequency L3 cache DRAM speed Graphics TDP
Core i3-4370 2 4 3.8GHz 4MB DDR3-1600 HD 4600 54W
Core i3-4360T 2 4 3.2GHz 4MB DDR3-1600 HD 4600 35W
Core i3-4160 2 4 3.6GHz 3MB DDR3-1600 HD 4400 54W
Core i3-4160T 2 4 3.1GHz 3MB DDR3-1600 HD 4400 35W
Pentium G3460 2 2 3.5GHz 3MB DDR3-1600 HD 53W
Pentium G3450T 2 2 2.9GHz 3MB DDR3-1600 HD 35W
Pentium G3250 2 2 3.2GHz 3MB DDR3-1333 HD 53W
Pentium G3250T 2 2 2.8GHz 3MB DDR3-1333 HD 35W

As far as I can tell, each of the incoming Core i3 and Pentium variants is 100MHz faster than its predecessor. Pricing isn't available yet, but I wouldn't expect too much excitement there, either. The stakes are pretty low at the budget end of the market.

Note that Celerons are absent from the list. CPU-World says Intel has no plans to update that family in the third quarter, though speed bumps could come out later than that. The site adds that the Haswell-based Core i5 and i7 lines won't be changed before Broadwell-K and Skylake-S arrive next year. However, Intel is prepping a fresh batch of Core i7s based on Haswell-E for later this year. Those processors will use DDR4 memory and plug into new X99 motherboards.

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