Battlefield: Hardline single-player might go off the rails

If you found yourself longing for a less restrictive single-player experience in EA's Battlefield games, there may be hope for you in the next release in the series, Battlefield: Hardline. 

In a recent interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Visceral Games Creative Director Ian Milham hinted at something different for the upcoming title's single-player experience: 

On the singleplayer side the stuff that's important to us is maybe not do as much of a single-path linear rollercoaster that's been done before. We want more tactical choice, more player choice. Things to do besides just shoot everybody. That's not really a cop thing as much.

Hopefully, this image isn't descriptive of how Hardline's single-player mode will feel to play.

Visceral is perhaps most famous for the Dead Space games, which I found to be fun, if not outstanding, single-player experiences. In any case, the idea of an on-rails shooter sounds a little played out in 2014, so here's hoping that the studio can inject some new creative blood into the Battlefield franchise. We'll know whether or not they succeeded on October 21, when Hardline is due out. If your trigger finger is itching for action now, though, you can sign up for the beta until June 22.

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