Gaming Evolved app adds video recording, challenges ShadowPlay

AMD doesn't have a homebrewed equivalent to Nvidia's GeForce Experience software—but it does bundle its drivers with Raptr's Gaming Evolved app, which offers much of the same capabilities. Earlier this morning, AMD announced that Raptr has added another arrow to the Gaming Evolved app's quiver: the ability to record game footage on the fly à la ShadowPlay.

Known as Game DVR, the feature "continuously records the last 10 minutes of your gameplay," according to AMD. Users can stop or start recording at will, and they can stream their gameplay to if they wish. Game DVR uses the VCE block in AMD's APUs and Radeon graphics processors to accelerate H.264 video encoding. Thanks to that acceleration, the chipmaker says Game DVR has "virtually no impact on performance."

That mirrors Nvidia's ShadowPlay feature, which also streams to and uses hardware-accelerated encoding (via the NVENC encoding block in Nvidia GPUs) to avoid degrading performance. ShadowPlay has a larger buffer, though: up to 20 minutes of footage.

You can grab the latest version of the Gaming Evolved app here from AMD's website. AMD says today's update to the app also includes a user-interface refresh.

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