Rage, Bulletstorm on offer in today's Steam deals

Assuming your wallet isn't a smoking cinder from yesterday's round of Steam deals, day two of the Steam Summer Sale just kicked off. The following deals will be good until tomorrow:

The other deals available right now only have an eight-hour window. Those include the following Flash Sale items...

...as well as these Community's Choice items:

75% off on Bulletstorm and Rage may give you the most the most bang for your buck. Despite the launch quirks, Geoff and Scott both enjoyed Rage's unique megatexture tech and its post-apocalyptic take on FPS gameplay. Cyril, meanwhile, liked the creative latitude Bulletstorm offered in dispatching enemies—plus the game's fun factor. If the gamers in your house aren't ready for M-rated action yet, Scott reports that the Damage household enjoy Dungeon Defenders' kid-friendly, co-op/RPG/FPS/tower-defense mashup.

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