AMD teases new FX desktop chip

Looks like some new blood is coming to AMD's FX processor line up (and yes, on the desktop this time). Roy Taylor, AMD's VP of Global Channel Sales, tweeted this picture earlier today:

Unfortunately, the picture is too blurry to show the specs on the side of the box. Based on the included liquid cooler, though, I suspect this might be another one of those high-end FX-9000-series chips with 220W thermal envelopes.

Current members of that lineup ship sans cooler, while processors in the 125W FX-8000 series come with conventional heatsinks and fans. A new FX-9000 model with a bundled closed-loop liquid cooler could be pitched as an alternative to Intel's new Devil's Canyon processors. AMD likely won't be able to match Intel's power efficiency, though, since even the new Core i7-4790K has only an 88W TDP.

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