Firefox may get its own Chromecast dongle

Introduced almost a year ago now, Google's Chromecast is a $35 HDMI dongle that streams content from your web browser to your TV—and it may be about to get some competition from the Firefox folks. Mozilla's Christian Heilmann tweeted the following last week:

More details have transpired since then. The guys at Gigaom posted a video of the prototype dongle in action. Apparently, the dongle runs Firefox OS and works very much like a Chromecast device. It can even run some Chromecast apps, as well. Since the Chromecast SDK has been publicly available since February, I guess that's not terribly surprising.

Speaking to Re/code yesterday, however, Mozilla clarified that it's not developing the dongle directly. "This is not a Mozilla project, and we do not make devices," the company said, nevertheless adding that "companies can experiment with different form factors that run Firefox OS." Gigaom's story mentioned Mozilla working with a "partner" on the Firefox dongle, so I'm guessing another company is developing the actual hardware.

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