Intel asked AMD for Mantle API spec

PC World reports that Intel expressed interest in experimenting with AMD's Mantle API. Newly-minted AMD Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy made the revelation during an interview last Friday, noting that Intel had "approached [AMD] for access to the Mantle interface, et cetera."

Intel's request was rebuffed, though. Mantle is still in a closed beta, and AMD doesn't plan on opening the API until version 1.0 is complete. That public release, which Huddy said will be available to Intel and "anyone who wants to participate," is expected to be available before the end of the year.

Now, don't mistake Intel's interest in Mantle for a commitment to the low-level API. Here's what the company told PC World:

"At the time of the initial Mantle announcement, we were already investigating rendering overhead based on game developer feedback," an Intel spokesman said in an email. "Our hope was to build consensus on potential approaches to reduce overhead with additional data. We have publicly asked them to share the spec with us several times as part of examination of potential ways to improve APIs and increase efficiencies. At this point though we believe that DirectX 12 and ongoing work with other industry bodies and OS vendors will address the issues that game developers have noted."

"We all experiment," the spokesman added, and "we hope that these experiments are used primarily to drive better standards and improve the graphics industry for everyone." Those certainly sound like the words of a company that's banking on DirectX and OpenGL. Indeed, the spokesman noted that Intel has been working with Microsoft and the Khronos Group on future APIs.

The first DirectX 12 games aren't due until 2015, though. Mantle still has a window of opportunity before Microsoft's next major API update arrives, and it may also be ported to Linux, where DirectX doesn't tread.

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