Microsoft OneDrive will offer 15GB for free next month

Users of Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage have reason to smile this morning. According to a post on the OneDrive blog, starting next month, users will get 15GB of storage for free (up from 7GB), and Office 365 subscribers will be able to take advantage of 1TB of space.

Microsoft says 75% of Windows users have less than 15GB of personal files on their PCs, so OneDrive could make for a good, no-questions-asked backup solution for those people. If you can fill up the base tiers, Microsoft also plans to cut prices for additional storage. The 100GB tier will go down from $7.49 to $1.99 per month, and the 200GB tier will drop from $11.49 to $3.99 a month. These cuts will apply to new subscribers and existing customers alike.

The new pricing scheme should make OneDrive more competitive with Google Drive. The base Drive tier provides 15GB of free storage, and 100GB costs $1.99 a month, identical to what Microsoft will charge next month. Other cloud storage services aren't so generous, though. Apple's iCloud only offers 5GB for free, and storage upgrades seem laughably costly, with $20 per year buying only 15GB. Dropbox isn't much better, with 100GB costing $99 per year.

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