Steam discounts Saints Row IV, FTL, Hitman and more

Day five of the Steam Summer Sale is upon us. Valve has released another batch of daily deals in addition to updated flash sales and community's choice discounts. Once again, a familiar argument is playing out in my head. "Look at the savings," one voice pleads, pointing to discounts up to 90%. "You're never going to play them," snarls another, motioning toward the growing pile of unplayed and unfinished titles already languishing in my library. At these prices, you don't need to spend a lot of time playing a game to get your money's worth, so I inevitably compromise: just one, at least for today.

But which one? The daily deals have a few candidates, including FTL and the latest Lego game. Saint's Row IV for $9.99 is pretty sweet, too, but I picked that up in the last Steam sale. Still haven't had time to really get into it. Here are the rest:

  • Arma III for $29.99
  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for $4.99
  • FTL: Advanced Edition for $3.99
  • Nether for $2.99
  • Rogue Legacy for $3.74
  • Saint's Row IV for $9.99
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 for $2.49
  • The Lego Movie Videogame for $7.49
  • Insurgency for $6.74

And the latest flash sales, which update every eight hours:

  • Forced for $5.09
  • Magic 2014: Duels of Planeswalkers for $2.49
  • AwesomeNauts for $0.99
  • Hitman: Absolution for $3.99

Hitman: Absolution for $3.99 is a pretty sweet deal on a relatively recent title. AwesomeNauts looks like a fun platformer, too; it's hard to go wrong with dollar-store pricing.

Finally, we have the most recent round of community picks, which are also on an eight-hour cycle:

  • Castle Crashers for $3.74
  • Dungeon Defenders for $7.49
  • Magicka for $4.99
  • Risk of Rain for $4.99

Scott's kids vouch for Dungeon Defenders, and I can endorse Castle Crashers. None of the others are really jumping out at me, though. FTL will do for now.

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