Report: New FX chip is just an FX-9590 with liquid cooling

You know that new FX processor AMD's Roy Taylor tweeted a picture of last week? Yeah, it may not be a new FX processor, technically speaking. According to the guys at Hardware Canucks, this mystery FX chip is simply an FX-9590 bundled with a liquid cooler.

Hardware Canucks claims to have learned this bit of info after "poking and prodding the right people at AMD and's ExtravaLANza." (The ExtravaLANza event took place this past weekend at AMD's Markham, Ontario offices, so I'm sure there was an abundance of the right people to poke and prod.)

The bundled liquid cooler will reportedly help the FX-9590 overclock better out of the box, but it doesn't sound like we're in for any changes to the chip's base specs. That means the processor will still run its eight cores at 4.7GHz with a 5GHz Turbo speed, and it will still have a humongous 220W thermal envelope. Remember, that's up from 125W for the FX-8350 and 88W for Intel's Core i7-4790K.

According to Hardware Canucks, the bundled liquid cooler will be one of Cooler Master's Seidon 120 offerings, and it will kick up the FX-9590's list price from $319 to $359. Since the current version of the FX-9590 is a bring-your-own-cooler type of deal, and the cheapest version of the Seidon 120 retails for $49.99, the new bundle may not actually be such a bad deal.

Just... you know. 220W.

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