DisplayMate: The Galaxy Tab S has the best tablet screen

Samsung introduced its new Galaxy Tab S tablets earlier this month. There are 10.5" and 8.4" variants, both of which have AMOLED screens with 2560x1600 display resolutions. Those screens are excellent, according to DisplayMate, which calls them the best tablet displays it has ever tested. The Galaxy Tab S fared better than not only the Kindle Fire HDX, the previous leader in this category, but also the iPad Air.

In its standard color mode, the Galaxy Tab S reportedly delivers more accurate colors than any other tablet display. There are other modes, too, including an adaptive configuration that is said to cover 138% of the sRGB color gamut—the highest coverage DisplayMate has ever seen in a tablet or smartphone. The Galaxy Tab S also has a photo mode calibrated for the Adobe RGB gamut.

Brightness is the display's only apparent weakness, though it's still rated as "very good to excellent" in that category. More importantly, perhaps, the screen has the lowest reflectance DisplayMate has ever measured on a tablet. The lower reflectance helps in environments with high ambient lighting, allowing the Galaxy Tab S to overpower reflections with less luminosity. The viewing angles are apparently excellent, as well, with "relatively small" brightness and color shifts.

The AMOLED-based Galaxy S5 smartphone also fared well in DisplayMate's tests, giving Samsung the top-rated smartphone and tablet displays on that site. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. Samsung is, after all, one of the biggest display makers in the business.

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