Catalyst 14.6 RC drivers boost performance, add CrossFire profiles

Good morning, Radeon users. There's a fresh set of Catalyst drivers waiting for you. Available here from AMD's knowledge base site, the new Catalyst 14.6 RC drivers include some performance improvements and a handful of new CrossFire profiles, among other things.

AMD says it's improved both Direct3D performance and CrossFire scaling in Plants vs. Zombies. The company quotes gains of up to 15% for single Radeon R9 290X cards in that game, and it says 290X CrossFire configs can scale up to 92% better when driving a 4K monitor. (As always, though, your mileage may vary.) Performance is also supposed to have gone up in WildStar and for A4-6300 APUs running the new 3DMark Sky Diver benchmark.

What else? AMD says it's added CrossFire profiles for Grid Autosport and the Battlefield: Hardline beta, and it's enhanced CrossFire frame pacing in Watch Dogs. On top of that, users can expect a new PowerXpress (a.k.a. mobile switchable graphics) profile for WildStar as well as Dual Graphics and CrossFire support in 3DMark Sky Diver.

By the way, Windows 8 users won't be able to install these drivers—until they upgrade to Windows 8.1, that is. It looks like AMD stopped supporting Windows 8.0 with the Catalyst 14.6 beta update last month. Since Windows 8.1 is a free update that does plenty of good things for desktop users, I don't predict much gnashing of teeth over this.

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