AOC's 24'' G-Sync monitor is coming in July

AOC has rolled out a 24" display infused with Nvidia's G-Sync technology. The variable-refresh mojo allows the G2460PG to update the screen only when new frames are ready, which should result in smoother animation. A compatible GeForce card is required for G-Sync to work, of course, but the results can be very compelling.

This take on the technology employs a TN panel with a 1080p display resolution. AOC claims the screen produces 16.7 million colors, but dithering is likely required to reach that mark. We've only encountered one TN display with native 8-bit color, and it's a 4K offering.

The G2460PG may have less than perfect color reproduction, but it boasts a speedy one-millisecond response time and support for refresh rates up to 144Hz. Displays based on IPS tech typically aren't that fast. Other specifications include a 1000:1 typical contrast ratio and a 350 cd/m² brightness rating. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are pegged at 170° and 160°, respectively, which is pretty typical for TN fare.

Getting just the right angle on the display should be easy thanks to the stand, which offers height, tilt, swivel, and rotation adjustment in addition to a VESA-compatible mounting bracket. Pairs of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports are included, as well, but video input is limited to a single DisplayPort connector.

In an interesting twist, AOC has implemented a "unique crosshair feature enabling gamers to identify the centre of the screen." This button-activated crosshair could be helpful in games that disable the normal one, though some might consider it cheating. At least it's better than sticking a piece of tape in the center of the screen, a trick I've seen gamers use before.

AOC says the G2460PG is coming to Europe in July. There's no word on a release date for North America, but I'd be surprised if the screen didn't turn up stateside. Vendors like Newegg already carry a wide range of AOC monitors, including gaming-specific models.

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